Evidence of Donald Zirilli.

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Published Poems
After Agreeing to Tell You my Innermost Thoughts
Allison's Outfit
America Loves Kanye West
American Glinda
Answering the Crumbs
Aquaman the Vampire Rapist Who then Finds Jesus
Aunt Enid Smokes a Cigarette
Attention Paid
Backyard Enlightenment
Bakelite Recorder
The Ballerina
Between the Butcher and the Future
The Boy Who Is Screaming
Broken Tree
Building Up To It
Burning Bridget Cleary
Can Machines Think?
Cherry Bomb
The Chess of Loneliness
Childish Behavior at the Minisink Target
China Train
The Circumstances Under Which Two Players May Consider Themselves Drawn
Completely Connected
Composition for Violin
Controlled Descent
Daphne and the Decision Tree
Dinah Washington in the Land of Hi-Fi
Drawing Lessons
The Dreams That You Dare to Dream
Driving Home from Your Wake
Duress Rehearsal
Dying in the Twenty-First Century
The Etymology of an Embrace
Everyday Amnesia
Everything is Broken Somehow
Extenuating Circumstances
Finding the Perfect Domain Name
The First Time I Died (page 54)
The Fishers
Five Year Old Blind Girl Playing Piano
Footnotes to the Fifth Edition of my Life
Forgetting the Smallest Things
From the French Directions for Assembling a Wheelbarrow
From the Walkway I See What Is Essentially a Field of Beautiful Dead Flowers
Functional MRI of the zebra finch brain during song stimulation suggests a lateralized response topography
Garbaggio's David
God's Bats
The History of Line Breaks
Hurricane on the Rocks
I Put a Spell On You
I Want to Call Everything Marlene
I Wanted Not To Write This Poem
I Write for the Helen Keller Child
I’m Now Ready To Critique Your Abstract Painting
If There Is an Ocean It Is Here
The Impossibility of What We Are Doing While It Is Not Being Done
In Memory Boxes
In the Midst of Describing
Incidental Obituary
Indoor Cat
Innocence in the House of Fiberglass Bats
Iris and Pedro
Is This a Game to You?
Jimmy Ernst among the Indians
Judith Cut
Knight Approaching Distant Castle
Learning to Ride a Bicycle With Attendant Vulture
A Letter From the Country
Life Cycle Management
Liza Minnelli Paints Her Toenails
Made of Gauze
The Making of Don Quixote
A Man Speaks to his Tormentor
The Men of Cardio Rehab
A Meeting of the Green Township Historical Society
Le Moineau
The Monkey House
Ms. Davis, While Barely Having Begun Developing the Muscle Discipline Required for “The Gaze”, Receives the Following 95 Director’s Notes After Early Rehearsals for “Donovan’s Brain” Which She Nails To The Door of Her Bathroom
Mulberry Junior High Presents Jesus Christ Superstar
My Father's Heart
My Mother Won't Let Go
Mystery Protein ORF10
Narcissus Describes the Lake
The Night
Night Clouds with Fingers
The Night Supervisor of the Clipping Library at the New York Times
Nights Out And In
Not Speak
Ode to a Virtual Cupcake
On the Lawn Tonight with Pippa
One Spring
Orange Moon Invades Newark
Outside Mind
The Parallels
The Poet Who Hates Birds
Poetry Law
Pornographic Fortune Cookies
Prayer to St. Paphnutius, Feast Day September Eleventh
Quietest Plastics
Riots in Cornerstan
Rooster Like to Play the Chicken
The Sacrifice
The Sad Story of Waded Cruzado and her Battle Against Fading Falsities
Seen From An Escalator
selah, int.,
A Series of Paintings by Jimmy Ernst on the Broken Glass of His Mother’s Bedroom Window
Several Well-Marked Colors Are Commonly Seen in Zinnias
Snow Blind
Some Borders Should Not Be Crossed
A Spell Against Memory
Springtime for Truth
Stand Up
Statues Can't Breathe
A Story Reconstructed By Witnesses
The Sussex County Poetry and Nature Society
Teaching the Dog to Write
Things That Make Me Dizzy
The Transgender Moment
Translated From Inuit
Trash Only
Two Questions
Urinal for a Futurist
Venice a Be Verb
The Walking Talking Cure
Waves Break All the Time
Wayne/Route 23 Transit Center
Weeding the Path
What Dee Knows About Africa
What They Say
The World Will End as Your Beard Ends
You Are Invited to Speak
You're So Young